Creating Timeline Animations

Step 1

  • Select the object on the Stage that you wish to animate.
  • Click on the Animation Button on the Ribbon Menu. The Animation Panel will now appear.
  • On the Timeline you will see a single Keyframe at 0:00. The Playhead will be pointing at this Keyframe and indicate 0, meaning that no time has passed at this point.


Step 2

  • Click on another frame to place the Playhead onto another position in the Timeline.

  • Once you have done this, the Add Keyframe Button on the left hand-side, will become available for use.


Step 3

  • Now click on the Add Keyframe Button to add an additional keyframe at the position, where you had placed the Playhead previously.
  • After you have added the keyframe, all the frames between the 2 visible keyframes, will change their appearance to indicate that a Tween has been formed between the 2 keyframes.


Step 4

  • At this point both keyframes are identical. To make the animation work, you will have to modify some animation compatible properties. One of the animation compatible properties is the position of the object.
  • Move the object on the Stage to a different position.
  • If you click back to the keyframe at 0:00, you will see that at this point on the Timeline, the position is still in the original position.
  • Now click on the second keyframe, to move the Playhead back to the second keyframe.


Step 5

  • Click on the Preview Display button on the Ribbon Menu, to preview the animation.
  • The Preview Window will now appear and will play the animation that you have just created.
  • As you can see the animation starts with the first keyframe at 0:00 and animates to the second frame that you had previously added to the Timeline.
  • Of course you can repeat the process above with additional keyframes, to create longer animations.

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