Font Management

When your publication is viewed by users worldwide, there is no guarantee that the fonts you used are available on those machines. To ensure that your text will display with the fonts you used, you have to upload the font source files to Barisco. Once a font is uploaded, you can use it anywhere in your content on both desktop computers and tablets.

Managing fonts can be done by clicking Fonts on the Dashboard. A window containing a list of fonts will appear.

Note: Uploading fonts in Windows cannot be done by selecting fonts in the Windows font directory. If you want to use a font that was stored in the Windows font directory, please copy the font to another folder and select the font from there.

Supported file types:

  • Open Type (.otf)
  • True Type (.ttf)

Families and Styles

Fonts generally consist of famlilies and styles. A font family is usually the name by which is font is known, for example Arial or Tahoma. The font style defines a certain distinction such as bold, italic, narrow or condensed. In Barisco every font family and style can be selected separately. And because every style within a font family is separate file, you will have to upload every style separately, in order for them to be available.

Removing Fonts

Fonts can be removed from Barisco if you wish to replace them or if they are not in use.

You can remove fonts by selecting them and then clicking the Delete button below the list.

Note: Be cautious when removing fonts. After removing a font, it will no longer be available for use and texts that contain the font may show different than expected.

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