Groups can be used for various purposes. One of the most common purpose is to combine multiple objects, so that certain properties can be applied to all of the grouped objects. Such as hiding or displaying multiple items at once. Another common purpose is to use the group to combine objects because the share a relative environment. Practically any object can be placed in a group. Groups have their own position and size properties, and can be dealt with the same as most other commonly used objects. This makes groups also useful to support certain designs that requires the containment of objects. For example a menu or overlay. Objects that have been placed inside a group will appear in the Layers Panel as a sub-level of the layer that represents the group. Additional to that groups have a special feature in the Layers Panel that allows you to collapse or expand the layer in order to hide or display the layers within the group.

How to create a group

  1. When you select an object in the Layers Panel or on the Stage, the Group button will be available for use.
  2. Select the objects you want to move into a group and press the Group button.
  3. After pressing the Group button the group will appear in the Layers Panel.
  4. The selected objects have now been placed inside the newly created group.
  5. To display the items within the group in the Layers Panel, click the arrow icon between the hide/display and the layer icon.
  6. The layers that had been placed within the group will now appear as sub-items of the group layer.
  7. It is possible to drag and drop other layers inside of the group or change the order sub-items.

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