Using Interactions

Step 1

  • First select the object on Stage, to which you want to add an Interaction.
  • The Interactions for the selected object can be added using the Interactions Panel at the bottom of the Property Panel.


  • Click on the Plus Button to open the Interaction Settings window.


Step 2

  • The first thing to configure is the Interaction that you wish to use.


Step 3


  • The next configuration is the Target to which the Action needs to be applied to.


Step 4

  • Next you have to select the Action that you want to use when the Interaction occurs.
  • When you select an Action the properties that can be configured will appear under the Action tab.


Step 5

  • Now when you click on the OK button, the Interaction will be added to the object on the Stage.
  • If you have multiple Interactions that have been added to an object, the Interactions Panel will display a list of those Interactions.
  • If there are multiple Actions that are used on an object, there will be a red indicator that tells you how many Actions are in use.

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