About Digital Publishing

Barisco enables you to bring your creative ideas alive across platforms and devices, without the need of code or having to study complicated software. When using the Barisco platform you will be using the Application for managing, creating and editing your publications and the Viewer for displaying your publications. One of the unique features of Barisco is the ability to publish across platforms, without the need of having to recreate your publication for each platform. This means that you will be able to publish to desktop computers, such as PC and Mac, and then use the same publication for tablets. Unlike most other publishing software, Barisco facilitates all the required resources to bring your publications online, without having to host your own publications or content or complicated registration processes.

Cloud Hosting

When you’re publishing digitally your publications are completely made of data. If someone wishes to view the publication this person must obtain or download the data in order for them to view the publication. This principle is called Bandwidth. And then there is Storage space. As the data also has to be stored somewhere, so that it can be obtained from this location. These principles are commonly referred to as ‘hosting’. Unlike most other digital publication software Barisco has a built in service that solves the hassle of having to purchase and manage your own hosting.

When you purchase a Barisco license it will include a predefined hosting package. Which should provide you with sufficient storage and bandwidth. If you require additional storage or bandwidth you can always purchase additional storage or bandwidth.

It is important to know that size in bytes will determine how long it takes for your visitors to download the publication’s data. Therefore we advise you to keep your publications as small as possible.

Creating Interfaces

The content on your pages is what defines your publication. If fact the focus of your visitors will be on the content. But when it comes to digital publishing, there is more involved than just pages. Surrounding your pages there will be an environment. This environment is commonly referred to as the Interface. An interface facilitates features such as buttons to navigate through the publication, social media features or an overview of the publication’s contents. Another key feature of Barisco is that you are able to completely modify interfaces to your needs, as if it were a page.

If making your own interface is too much for you. Don’t worry! We also have several template interfaces which you can choose from and you will still be able to build stunning digital publications.

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