Working with Images

When you import an image into Barisco, you can modify that image and use it in your Barisco content items in a variety of ways.


If a Barisco content item displays an imported image at a size larger than the original, the image may be distorted. To be sure that images are displayed properly, preview imported images on different screen resolutions before publishing.


When you select an image object on the Stage, the Property Panel displays the image’s object name and its pixel dimensions and position on the Stage.

Using the Property Panel, you can swap the source file of an image to use another source file.


Supported Formats

Supported image file formats:

  • PNG (PNG24)
  • GIF (limited support)


Think in pixels

When designing digital publications it is important to know that that you have to think in pixels. For those who are familiar with graphic design tools for print publications, are used to having either inches or centimeters as a base for their designs and layouts. In digital publishing this is quite different as everything is based on pixels. And converting inches or centimeters is tricky as different pixels concentrations in devices lead to different PPI’s (Pixels Per Inch).


Further you need to keep in mind that you are creating digital publications, this means you want to keep pages as light as possible.


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