Ribbon Menu




  • Save
    Saves the opened content. This can be done at any time, although if the content that is to be saved is identical to the previous revision, the content will not be saved again as it is not necessary.
  • Undo / Redo
    With these features you can undo or redo actions that have been carried out after a content item has been opened.



  • Cut
    Cuts the selected layer(s) onto the clipboard.
  • Copy
    Copies the selected layer(s) onto the clipboard.
  • Paste
    Pastes the layer(s) that had been stored on the clipboard.
  • Group
    Creates a new group and places the selected layer(s) into the new group. The selected layer(s) will maintain the original position of the selected layer(s). The newly created group will use the position set top and left, while maintaining a relative position as to the selected layer(s), and adopts the width and height of the selected layer(s).
  • Remove
    Removes the selected layer(s) from the Stage. This action can be undone by using the undo feature.



  • Orientation (top, right, bottom, left, vertical, horizontal)
    Aligns selected objects relatively or based upon the Stage bounderies (Align to Stage).
  • Distribution
    Distributes selected objects relatively or based upon the Stage bounderies (Align to Stage).
  • Align to Stage
    This option allows you to switch between relative and Stage based alignments.



  • Animation
    Opens the Animation Panel. In the Animation Panel you are able to apply animations to the selected layer. It is not possible to animate multiple layers at the same time.
  • Reveal Objects
    Reveals all visible, hidden and transparent on the Stage. This feature is especially useful when you have problems locating an object on the Stage or Layers Panel.
  • Restricted Editing
    Allows you to enable or disable Restricted Editing. When you click this button, a dialog will appear which will ask for confirmation.


Page background

  • Image background
    Here you can set the background image of the page.  This image is standard set on the Fill mode option: Zoom. In this case the image will fill out the page. With orientation settings you can select where the main position of the image should be.



  • Display
    Opens a preview for the active page. The preview for pages does not include the publication’s interface and it is not possible to browse to other pages.

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