Ribbon Menu




  • New Page
    Creates a new page. This will create a blank page. The thumb will appear empty as there are no contents on the page.
  • Duplicate
    Duplicate the currently selected page. This will create a duplicate or copy of the selected page. All the contents and page settings will be copied, to the newly created page. The newly created page will not inherit the page revisions of the original page. This data will not be inherited from the original page.



  • Settings
    All settings regarding the name, thumb and background music can be made from here.

  • Remove
    Removes the selected page from the pages list. After the page has been removed a page can be restored using the Removed Pages feature.



  • Page Revisions
    Displays a window containing a list of all page revsions that have been made to the selected page.

  • Removed Pages
    Displays a window containing a list of all pages that have been removed from the current edition.

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