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  • Geeneral-improvements

    Improvements Release 2.2.5

    General improvements. When you create a new page in Barisco Web Designer, the new page will be added under the page you selected in the page overview. When you set a page interaction, the page selection will show the page name instead of previous the page number. If you work in the restricted edtiting mode […]


    Animate Layers in the Scroll when Visible

    In addition the new added feature to create vertical scrollable pages we added the option to animate layers within the scroller when the layer becomes visable in the scroller. How to animate a layer or group inside the scroller? By cho0sing – at the preset animations or timeline animations – the option > Play when […]

  • dimentional-scrolling

    New! Dimensional scrolling features for landing pages micro sites and presentations.

    The scrolling features in barisco are extended. Besides the multimedia scrolling feature – meant to create scrollers in overlays or pop ups – we added the option to create full functional vertical, horizontal and dimensional scrollable pages. It is even possible to set interactions to go to a specific spots in the scroller to guide […]


    Orientation options on publication settings

    We made it possible to set your published publication to a landscape or a portray view. This means that you can make the choice to create publications that can be shown – only in a portrait postion – only in a landscape position – portait and landscape.   When you design for example only for […]

  • Your-Tube-CONTROLE

    Implement Youtube original player (control)

    It is possible to embed youtube video’s in your publications. When you use this feature the video player (controller) will be also the standard player from Youtube. The reason for this that You Tube doesn’t allow to use customized players. Still you can use many video settings for your Youtube embedded video. The possibilities will […]

  • Animated-gif

    Use now animated GIF in Barisco.

    With the new Barisco 2.0 viewer it’s possible to use animated GIF. You can just upload the GIF as an image and place them in your page. You can also use the same editing options as an image. Show the GIF with an interaction  or combine the GIF with the preset or timeline animations.  The […]

  • Landing-page-icon

    How to create a landing page or vertical scrolls in a page.

    Create interactive, multilayered and animated vertical scrolls or landing pages with unparalleled ease and total freedom in design. When you want to create a vertical scroll in a page  you can easily do this by placing a scroll component in your page and adjust the position and size setting of the scroller to fill the […]

  • 2-small

    Using free background patterns in Barisco

    Use beautiful background patterns in your design and give your work that special touch. At Subtlepatterns  you can download them for free. > The big advantage of using these patterns is that it makes you full HD design super light.   How to set these background patterns in your pages. Patterns are most of […]

  • Ps-icon

    How to prepare designs in Photoshop for Barisco

    Photoshop is an excellent tool for creating web designs. The reason for this: Photoshop  works in pixels, like the web. Designs for a full HD Web view. A full HD web view makes the pages adapt to the full size of the browser or in full screen mode of the browser. This money to create […]

  • standard-interfaces.small

    Free interface templates in Barisco

    Barisco offers you  choice in pre-designed interface templates. There are templates are designed for  full HD projects or classic projects as well as different interfaces for different platforms as desktop, iOS or Android . Let’s  go through a selection of the possibilities.  Blank template o   This template contains no navigation options. Basically it is empty […]