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  • optimized-design--under-1-URL-a

    Improved Group settings for desktop and mobile views using one URL.

    If you want to create a separate designed mobile and desktop view under the same URL you need to  group these editions on the editions tab. Create a new group and drag and drop the editions mobile & desktop/tablet  in this group. When editions are grouped, Barisco Web Designer automatically detects the screen size of […]

  • Direct-social-media

    Direct Share to Social Media Channels

    Within the Social Media share option the Social Media channels Googel+ and Pinterst are added. It is also possible to share with the social media channel of your choice ( facebook, Linkedin and pintrest ) specific designed Micro Content. For Googel+ it wil automatiscly share a screenshot of the page. If you want to change […]

  • embed

    Embed your Project

    From now on it is possible in all accounts to generate an embed code to show your project in a website. This can be any website including Blogs and WordPress sites. When you select the embed icon a the specific code will be generated. In the panel below you can set the view port that […]

  • DOOH

    DOOH (Narrowcasting)

    DOOH Digital Out of Home. This plugin will give you the possibility to show your projects on any (touch) screens  with Wifi connection. In the editor at editions your can generate a specific URL for Narrowcasting by selecting the DOOH icon. In the the beneath mentioned panel you can set the page duration  – the […]

  • copy-page-small

    How to duplicate pages to a different edition

    You can duplicate pages and move them to a different edition. This gives you the possibility to re- use your designed page as template. You only need  to change the content. Select the page you want to duplicate in the tab pages. Click the icon duplicate and a pop-up will appear. You can rename the […]

  • How can I optimize the loading time of my experience

    How can I optimize the load time of my project?

    When browsing the Internet you are constantly downloading resources from the Internet to your computer. This along with browser preferences and the behavior of the website, influence the load time of the web pages you are visiting.