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  • kb-reset-your-account

    Reset your Profile

    If you want to reset your profile you can login in the editor and click on the icon My Account in the top right corner of the menu ribbon .   You will be re-directed in a new tab to the Barisco website to the page: ( You can Only aproche this page when you […]

  • dimentional-scrolling

    New! Dimensional scrolling features for landing pages micro sites and presentations.

    The scrolling features in barisco are extended. Besides the multimedia scrolling feature – meant to create scrollers in overlays or pop ups – we added the option to create full functional vertical, horizontal and dimensional scrollable pages. It is even possible to set interactions to go to a specific spots in the scroller to guide […]


    UX improvements

    When you set the interaction control video play, there is also the need to set the interaction control video stop if you want the video to stop. This implies when you show a video in an overlay and the video starts to play you also need to set and interaction to the close button of […]


    Orientation options on publication settings

    We made it possible to set your published publication to a landscape or a portray view. This means that you can make the choice to create publications that can be shown – only in a portrait postion – only in a landscape position – portait and landscape.   When you design for example only for […]

  • Your-Tube-CONTROLE

    Implement Youtube original player (control)

    It is possible to embed youtube video’s in your publications. When you use this feature the video player (controller) will be also the standard player from Youtube. The reason for this that You Tube doesn’t allow to use customized players. Still you can use many video settings for your Youtube embedded video. The possibilities will […]

  • Your-Tube

    Integrating YouTube video’s in your Barisco projects is easy!

    If you want to add video’s to your pages you can use YouTube hosted video’s as an alternative to using uploaded video’s in your Barisco media library. Just add the video player tool from the toolbar in your page and make a choice  to use either a YouTube link or a video from your library. […]

  • Tutorial 02 - Intro - 2

    Video Tutorial – Explanation of Barisco’s editor user interface

    Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced Barisco user; it is always useful to know all the features in Barisco, so that you will be able to use those features when you need them. This video tutorial will be specifically about Barisco’s editing tool – or “editor” as we call it.

  • Ps-icon

    How to prepare designs in Photoshop for Barisco

    Photoshop is an excellent tool for creating web designs. The reason for this: Photoshop  works in pixels, like the web. Designs for a full HD Web view. A full HD web view makes the pages adapt to the full size of the browser or in full screen mode of the browser. This money to create […]

  • standard-interfaces.small

    Free interface templates in Barisco

    Barisco offers you  choice in pre-designed interface templates. There are templates are designed for  full HD projects or classic projects as well as different interfaces for different platforms as desktop, iOS or Android . Let’s  go through a selection of the possibilities.  Blank template o   This template contains no navigation options. Basically it is empty […]

  • Different-interfaces-for-different-plaforms-small

    Different interfaces for different platforms.

    Navigating true  pages is a completely different experience on desktop or mobile devices . There for you can create different interfaces for Desktop, iOS and android in barisco. You can use the default interface templates in barisco for desktop and mobile devices and adjust them to your design or build completely new interfaces the way […]