How to add your own domain name?

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Besides being able to publish you publication with the default Barisco domain, you can configure a custom domain name. For example if you would like to use and don’t want to use your default domain name, you can use for your publication. Please read the details below to get a better overview of what you need to do in order to make this work.

Your custom domain name can be configured at the Custom Domain window on the Dashboard.


In the Custom Domain window, you are able to add 1 domain name for your experience. Make sure to follow the instructions on the Custom Domain window.


Please note that prior to adding your custom domain name, you must first own the domain name and configure the DNS records in order to make them usable for your publication. To make the domain name work you must point a CNAME record to If the custom domain name that you want to use has not been configured yet, the system will not accept the custom domain name. If you’re not sure how to configure DNS settings, please contact your network administrator.


It is not recommended to point A records to one of our IP addresses, because Barisco uses geography based load balancing. If the IP address is changed, discontinued or the server is relocated, it could result in downtime.


Please see these links below to see how to configure DNS records at your domain name registrar:





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