Does Barisco support Android?

Knowledge Base

Barisco supports all built-in Android browsers from Android 4+. We also support Google Chrome for Android on Android 4+. We cannot support Android 2 and 3 browsers because these browsers behave quite different than the current standards and would make the viewer lose most of its better features.

We’re aiming to support any new release of Android, but due to the great variety of different devices and Android builds it is nearly impossible to support all Android devices and browsers. During development we are testing the Barisco platform on 10+ different Android devices for quality assurance. But even then it is impossible to test all devices and Android builds.

Since Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) has been released in July 2012, Google Chrome is now preinstalled as the default on Android. Since Chrome has been introduced as the default browser for Android, Google Chrome has received a great increase in its browser market share. This is why our main focus is now on Google Android for Android instead of the Android browser that was shipped with older Android versions.

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