Direct Share to Social Media Channels

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Within the Social Media share option the Social Media channels Googel+ and Pinterst are added. It is also possible to share with the social media channel of your choice ( facebook, Linkedin and pintrest ) specific designed Micro Content.

For Googel+ it wil automatiscly share a screenshot of the page. If you want to change the automatic generated screen shot you can go to: Pages, Select the page > Page settings >Tumb, Here your can select a image from your library.

In the action panel we added the interaction at Sharing > Social Channel.

In the Social Media share option you can select a Social Media channel and set a specific image or video that you would like to share. This Micro Content together with the URL to this page and the name of this page can be shared to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. Googel+ and Pintrest

Barisco-interaction-panel-direct-share-small          Barisco-interaction-panel-direct-share-small-2