Improvements Release 2.2.5

Knowledge Base

General improvements.

When you create a new page in Barisco Web Designer, the new page will be added under the page you selected in the page overview.

When you set a page interaction, the page selection will show the page name instead of previous the page number.

If you work in the restricted edtiting mode (premium plugin) you can as of now also set different interactions like page transitions, hyperlink settings and the download feature.

Editor and viewer improvements.

  1. Editor   –  As default we hide the style tab at the property settings of each layer. By doing so, we created more space in the property panel and show the interaction tab any time.
  2. Editor   –  The ability to get a tablet and smartphone preview on editions
  3. Viewer  – We have reworked the speed of the preset animations.
  4. Viewer  – We have added the option to handle Super Script in text fields.
  5. Viewer  – We adjusted the resize lock for embedded forms.

Online payment and account settings.

  1. As of jun15 we have implemented our online payment bridge for your Barisco license(s).
  2. And you can manage your accounts settings in the Barisco Control Panel.