New! Dimensional scrolling features for landing pages micro sites and presentations.

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The scrolling features in barisco are extended. Besides the multimedia scrolling feature – meant to create scrollers in overlays or pop ups – we added the option to create full functional vertical, horizontal and dimensional scrollable pages. It is even possible to set interactions to go to a specific spots in the scroller to guide your visitors through a page in any direction you want.

So you can create even more engaging and awesome landing pages, vertical magazine pages, micro sites, web apps or presentation with larger – up to full screen – canvas sizes.

If you are not familiar with the basic scroller settings just have a look at:

Or watch the video tutorial at:

With the new interaction control settings you can design scrollers with infinite new possibilities



We added to the interaction panel the possibility to set a scroller target:



Enjoy the possibility to move after a click, mouse- over or mouse-out to a certain position inside of the scroller. This target can be any layer or group inside the scroller or any specific layer you added.


How to set this interaction

  1. To set this interaction you need to select first the layer in your layer panel you want to give the interaction.
  2. Then create an interaction at the interaction settings panel
  3. Select if you want a mouse click, mouse-over or mouse out interaction
  4. Select the scroller you want to interact as the target.
  5. After you did this the scroller target interaction will appear in the setting



6. Here you can select the target inside of the scroller.

7. Then there are two options you can select from.

> Top left or Center

This implies that the target will find the position of the layer as the top left of that specific layer or the center of that specific  layer. See image below.



8. After this you can set, if required, duration in time so the scroller will move from one positon inside the scroller to the other position.

9. You can also set the Delay. The enables you so to delay an interaction after a click, mouse over or mouse out.

10. The graphic below you shows you can also create a web page that is larger than the visual page within the browser. You are free to move sides ways, downward,  upward or even




To see a scroller interaction working look at:

Have fun and create the most wonderful online experiences