New Features for creating templates in the restricted editing

Knowledge Base

We added and improved options of our restricted editing plugin. Restricted editing gives you the possibility to turn your designed page into a template.

The following options can be used in combination with restricted editing.

  • Layers can be locked in position and size to protect your lay outs when changing content.
  • Lock position



  • Layers can be hidden for users that work in the restricted editing mode so their focus is only on the layers where content can be edited.
  • Hide in restricted editing mode (this icon only shows when the restricted editing plugin is installed)



  • Layers can be locked so that it is not possible to change the position and size of the layer or the content.
  • Lock



  • Layers do not have to be deleted in the pages but can be hidden for the viewer
  • Hide in viewer.



  • In the restricted editing mode only the necessary layers will show.
  • Restricted editing. (this icon only shows when the Restricted editing plugin is installed)



  • When a designer is out of the restricted editing mode, it is possible to unlock all layers at once  with one press of a button. so no need to unlock  the layers separately.
  • Unlock all. ( This icon only shows when the Restricted editing plugin is installed)




Also with this new update we added the extra functionality to set the following interactions when editing in the restricted mode.

– Navigate to Page

– Social Media group and Social media Channel

– Hyperlinks

– Download