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Pinch feature for tablet and mobile 


Orientation options on publication settings.

We made it possible to set your published publication to a landscape or a portray view.

This means that you can make the choice to create publications that can be shown

–          only in a portrait postion

–          only in a landscape position

–          portait and landscape.


When you design for example only for mobile you are likely to set the publication to portait. This means that also on the tablet de publication can only be shown portray and visa versa.

When you design for both ( Portait en landscape you need to keep in mind that the layers on the page will also fit in the portray view)

When you design for desktop, tablet and mobile we advice you to set the orientation to only landscape.


When you make the choise for these settings we will automatically show icons to tell the user to turn there device.



Implement Youtube orignal player (control)

It is possible to embed youtube video’s in your publications. When you use  this feature the video player (controller) will be also the standard player from youtube



The reason for this that You Tube doesn’t allow to use customized players. Still you can use many video settings for your Youtube embedded video. The possibilities will show up in the editor when you added a Youtube video.

UX improvements:

 When you set the interaction control video play  there is also the need to set the interaction control video stop if you want the video to stop.

This implies when you show a video in an overlay and the video starts to play you also need to set and interaction to the close button of the overlay control video stop.

We noticed that some users forgot to set this interaction there for we made some minor changes to the interaction to improve the usability.


We made the interaction panel a bit larger so that all the interaction show without the need of scrolling on most screens. Additionally we moved to Media Control directly under the Timeline as these two features are quite often used together.


Fixed bug:

–          Show  Youtube video on iPhone, iPad

–          Minor bugs fixed



One full HTML5 viewer for desktops, tablets and mobile.


Ready for all browsers modern browsers included iOS and Android

  • For lower then IE10 we support a flash viewer
  • Latest available technology in font rending 
  • Extreme fast loading on desktop, tablet and mobile


SEO  Landing-page-icon  Your-Tube

Animated-gif          emebedden-features-2

Automated SEO process, including sitemap and a choice of SEO settings

  • Improved scroll features for impressive scrollable vertical pages
  • Integration option for YouTube hosted video’s
  • Option to embed HTML5 projects in website or Facebook
  • Option to add animated GIF’s to pages

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