Use now animated GIF in Barisco.

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With the new Barisco 2.0 viewer it’s possible to use animated GIF. You can just upload the GIF as an image and place them in your page. You can also use the same editing options as an image. Show the GIF with an interaction  or combine the GIF with the preset or timeline animations.

 The definition of a GIF:

 An animated GIF is a graphic file type that is composed of many different images on top of each other. These images are compressed and work together, creating movement, and give the appearance of a mini movie. GIF stands forGraphics Interchange Format

Pronunciation: Most users pronounce GIF with a hard G as in the words giveand gift. Sometimes pronounced as jiff.


To create a GIF is quite easy.

There are some free GIF animators online. Check out this site:

You can also use Photoshop to created GIF animations. In a link to this video your can see how it works.


 If you make or use a GIF animation you have to watch the file size. When you use relatively large images in your GIF you have to keep in mind that it need to loaded in to your page. We advise you to  keep the file size lower than 2 MB. This could be more but it also depends on the other elements in the page.

 In the editor the GIF doesn’t play in the page-preview ( Flash). You can see the Gif working in the browser or tablet HTML5 preview on of course in the published projects.


Please find some examples of animated GIF’s integrated in Barisco: